Depreciation on the basis of a price list, a valuation report or a fixed depreciation table

Do you want to calculate the discount on the gross bpm of a used motor vehicle? In that case it makes no difference whether the motor vehicle has a Dutch or foreign licence, or where it is used.

Motor vehicle registered abroad

You can calculate the discount on the gross bpm of a used motor vehicle registered abroad in different ways:

Please note!

You may choose the method which is most advantageous to you. Have you already selected a depreciation method? If so, you cannot reverse that choice at a later date.

Please note!

Are you an entrepreneur and do you have a bpm permit (article 8 permit)? We can limit the depreciation method applied in the permit for parallel import to the application of the fixed depreciation table.

Motor vehicle registered in the Netherlands

You may only use the fixed depreciation table to calculate the gross bpm of a motor vehicle used in the Netherlands and having a Dutch licence number.

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