What do I pay bpm over?

We calculate the bpm:

Bpm payable on the net list price

For a delivery van, camper van or motorcycle you pay bpm over the net list price. The net list price is the list price minus the VAT.

Bpm payable on extra options

For a delivery van, camper van or motorcycle you also pay bpm over the following extras included in the net list price:

  • extra options
  • accessories
  • additional costs for special versions

Please note!

Do you have a delivery van type chassis cabin, and are you having it adapted for commercial use? In that case you are not liable for the payment of bpm over these commercial adaptations. For example:

  • a loading platform of specific dimensions
  • a pulley installation
  • racks for carrying glass
  • a platform for carrying damaged cars

You calculate the bpm for a commercially adapted delivery van of the chassis cabin type over the net list price of this delivery van, i.e. without the commercial adaptations. You do however pay bpm over the other extras.

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