Objection and appeal

If you disagree with a declaration, additional assessment or decision, you can lodge a written objection. You can also request a postponement of payment.

How do I lodge an objection?

Send a letter to us explaining your objection:

  • what is the decision to which you are objecting
  • your name and address or the name and address of your company
  • the name of your tax consultant, if you have any
  • your telephone number
  • the declaration, assessment or decision number

Place the date and your signature at the bottom of the letter.

If you lodge an objection, you must do so within 6 weeks after the date on which you paid the bpm or before the date mentioned in the additional assessment or decision.

You can send your objection to:

Postbus 3
6400 AA Heerlen

Postponement of payment

You can request a postponement of payment of the amount you disagree with. Explain why you disagree with this and show the calculation of the amount you think you have to pay. However, pay the part of the amount you agree with has to be paid by you before the payment deadline. This date can be found in your additional assessment, reduction or decision.

Response to your objection

Our aim is to make a decision within 6 weeks after receipt of your objection. If it takes more than 6 weeks, you will be informed of this. The maximum response time is 12 weeks. See also our information about objection (only available in Dutch).

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