Hall of Fame – CVD the Netherlands Tax Administration

Do you report a serious vulnerability in one of our automation systems that we were not yet aware of? Then you will be given a place in our Hall of Fame. Of course, you must first give us your permission to do so.

We are grateful to you for taking the time and effort to alert us to a security risk. You deserve a reward for this. That may be a trophy or a letter of thanks, and also a special mention on this page.

Special mentions in our Hall of Frame

These people have already made it into the Hall of Fame:


  • Krishnadev P Melevila - January
  • Rajat_Sec  - January
  • levent kızıldağ - February
  • Jeewan Bhatta - March
  • Harsh Tandel - March
  • Shaikh Yaser - March
  • Mayank Mokariya - April
  • Devyansh Rastogi - April
  • Ashutosh Chandra Shah - April
  • Spandan Pokhrel - May
  • JAI NIRESH J - July


  • John Jackson - January
  • Ayush Juneja - March
  • Suvam Adhikari - April
  • Krishna Agarwal - April
  • Gabriel Tarsia - April
  • V3n0m - April
  • Daniel Rhea - May
  • Petra en Nico Rikken - June
  • Vinayak Sakhare - June
  • Harinder Singh (S1N6H) - July
  • Farhan Khan - October
  • Joshua Provoste - October
  • Robin van den Hurk - November


  • Sushant Kamble - January
  • Tom Wolters - January
  • Taha Bıyıklı - April
  • Furkan Öztürk - April
  • Sheikh Rishad - May
  • Bhargab Kaushik - August
  • Faizan Wani - August
  • Armanul Miraz - September
  • Jebarson Immanuel - November
  • Jelle Ursem - November
  • Saprit Das - November
  • Oussama Kasmi - December

Assessment according to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)

If you report a vulnerability in a Belastingdienst, Toeslagen or Douane system in accordance with the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) rules, then your report will always be assessed by us.

Read about the conditions for reporting and the associated rewards on the page 'Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure'. Do you prefer to read it in Dutch? Then go to 'Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)'.

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