How to file a tax return

How to file a tax return of your own accord?

If you want to file a tax return of your own accord, download a tax return program. Or request a tax return form from the Tax Information Line or from your tax office.

How to file a tax return?

As an entrepreneur living or established in the Netherlands, you are obliged to file a digital tax return for the following taxes:

  • income tax (also for the business, if you run this business personally)
  • corporation tax if you run the business through a legal person
  • turnover tax
  • wage tax and national insurance contributions if you or the legal person employs staff

You will receive a tax return letter for each tax return you must file. You will also receive an e-mail message. Most tax returns or tax return programs can be downloaded from or completed in 'inloggen voor ondernemers' (the secure section of the website).

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