Video calling - make an appointment

Would you like help with your income tax return for non-resident taxpayers? Or with your tax return for the year of emigration or immigration? Then you can now also make video calls with us. You will be speaking to an employee of the Tax Administration. Make an appointment easily online.

Please note!

Unfortunately, due to busy times, you currently cannot make an appointment for video calling. However, you can call us.

What can you schedule a video calling appointment for?

Would you like help with your 2023 tax return as a non-resident taxpayer?

Help with tax return C

Would you like help with your tax return for the year of emigration or immigration?

Help with tax return M

How to make a video calling appointment

You choose a date and time that suits you. We then ask you to enter your email address, name and telephone number so we can confirm your appointment. Lastly, click on 'Inplannen' (Schedule).

Please note!

If you do not speak Dutch or English, we can only help you if an interpreter is present with you during the video call.

You will receive an email in which we confirm your appointment

You will receive the confirmation email immediately. This email in detailstates exactly how you can participate in the video call.

You will receive an email from us one hour before the appointment, as a reminder.

How to prepare for the appointment

We will ask you to identify yourself during the call. We will ask for:

  • your bsn (citizen service number)
  • valid proof of ID

We need a number of documents and information during the video call. See which documents and information you need to prepare to help with your tax return.

How does a video call work?

You will receive an email with a link to the call. Below, we explain how to start the video call.

  1. Email with link to the call

    The confirmation email contains a link to the video call. Click on that link.

    If you use a laptop or computer, open the link in one of these browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge 83+.

  2. Enter your name

    A screen will appear in your browser. Enter your name there.

    Then click on ‘Ga verder’ (Continue).

  3. Allow access for camera and microphone

    A pop-up will appear if access to the camera and microphone is blocked.

    Follow the steps on the screen. Then click on ‘Herladen’ (Reload).

  4. Join the video call

    Click on 'Deelnemen' (Participate) to start the video call.


Follow the steps above well before the video call starts. You can continue to wait until the employee has also connected.


It’s nice to see each other during a video call. We do not record the call and we will not allow you to do so.

We handle the data of citizens and businesses and your privacy with care. The page (only available in Dutch) explains how we do this.