Reverse-charging VAT when doing business abroad

If you procure services from foreign entrepreneurs or if you provide services to foreign entrepreneurs, you may be faced with reverse charging of VAT. The customer then pays the VAT in his own country.

When does the reverse-charge mechanism apply?

The reverse-charge may apply if you provide services to entrepreneurs in other EU countries or if you procure services from entrepreneurs in other EU countries. It may also apply if you procure services from entrepreneurs from non-EU countries. For more information, please visit:

Do you have to reverse-charge the VAT?

Do you want to know exactly whether to reverse-charge the VAT or not? Answer the questions in the tool Ik lever diensten in en uit het buitenland - hoe zit het met de btw? (only available in Dutch).

Import of goods from non-EU countries

Upon importing goods from non-EU countries you pay VAT at Customs. You can request us to file such VAT in your VAT return rather than paying the VAT at Customs. You must then apply for a Vergunning artikel 23 (Authorisation under Article 23, only available in Dutch). This option is also called the reverse-charge mechanism.

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