I cannot pay back my benefit in 1 lump sum

Are you unable to pay back your benefit in 1 lump sum? Then a repayment arrangement is possible. You will then repay your benefits to us within a maximum of 24 months.

If you have to pay back, you will receive a letter from us stating how you can do this. If you repay in instalments, we charge interest. You pay interest from the final payment date stated on the decision.

What happens if I do not repay on time?

You can always call us. Together we'll try and find a solution. If you do not call and do not pay on time, we will send you a payment reminder. Are you still not paying after that? Then we can take stricter measures. This may lead to additional costs.

We may offset your debt

If you do not pay on time, we may decide to offset your debt against a benefit you still receive from us. We will send you a letter if this is the case. This will reduce your monthly benefit amount, sometimes down to zero. We will only decide to settle, if you do not fall below the minimum subsistence income.

Are you entirely unable to pay the monthly amount?

Then you may qualify for a personal payment arrangement (information in Dutch). Would you like to know whether your situation qualifies? Call the Tax Information Line for Non-resident Tax Issues.

I have to pay back my benefit and do not live in the Netherlands

Even when you live abroad and you have to pay back your benefit, you must do so on time. Are you unable to repay your benefit in one lump sum? You may then pay us back in instalments. Do you not pay on time? We can then request a local bailiff to collect the debt.

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