What happens when I do not live in the Netherlands and I do not pay back the benefit?

Even when you do not or no longer live in the Netherlands, you still have to pay back the benefit overpaid. Possibly, you will not receive a notification about this until after having left the Netherlands.

For example, when the final calculation shows that your actual income was higher than the estimated annual income that was used to calculate your benefit. Or when you discontinued your benefit too late and subsequently received benefit for the months in which you were no longer entitled to it.

Non-payment or late payment

In the event of failure to pay on time, we take the following measures:

  1. We send you a payment reminder.
  2. If you fail to make the payment following our reminder, you will then receive a warning. You must bear the costs thereof yourself.
  3. Have you still not made the payment following our warning? An enforcement order will then be issued. You must bear the costs thereof yourself. 
  4. If you still fail to meet your payment obligation following the issue of the enforcement order, we will then instruct a bailiff in your country of residence to collect your debt.

Have you failed to make the payment despite the reminder, the warning and the enforcement order?

We will then instruct a bailiff in your country of residence to collect your debt. The measures to be taken by the bailiff depend on the laws applicable in your country of residence and the agreements made between the EU Member States.

Do you have any questions about the measures to be taken by the bailiff? Please then contact the authorities authorising bailiffs in your country of residence.

Do you disagree with the repayment amount?

If you do not agree with the amount that you have to pay back, you can no longer file an objection. The term within which you can lodge an objection has since passed. You had to file an objection within 6 weeks following the date of the recovery decision.

Do you wish to know the reason why you have to pay back benefits? Call the Tax Information Line.

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