For which motor vehicles do I pay bpm?

You pay bpm for a passenger car, motorcycle or a delivery van. A lorry is a passenger car for bpm purposes if it has mounting points for additional seats, apart from the usual seats for the driver and passenger(s).

Camper van and converted delivery van

Do you have a camper? Or have you converted a delivery van, by installing a back seat in the loading space, for example? In that case you have a passenger vehicle for the bpm. For that reason you pay bpm for your camper or converted delivery van.


A motorcycle is a motor vehicle on 2 wheels (with the exception of mopeds), which may be equipped with a sidecar. Trikes (on 3 wheels) and quads (on 4 wheels) are also regarded as motorcycles for the bpm.

Delivery van

The delivery van is equipped mainly for carrying goods. The delivery van has a maximum authorised mass of 3,500 kilos or less. The maximum authorized mass is the weight of the delivery van plus the maximum permitted load. Read more at requirements for delivery vans.


Do you have a lorry equipped for passenger transport? Then this is considered a passenger car for bpm purposes. This is the case if the space for passenger transport is larger than the loading space, and additional seating for passengers is provided. Driver and co-driver seats do not count as extra seats.

Please note!

From 2016 you will also pay bpm if attachment points for extra seats are fitted.

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