Camper van

A camper van is classified as a passenger car for the bpm.

Requirements camper van

A camper van has to meet the following requirements:

  • The interior must be able to hold an oblong block of at least 170 cm in height over a length of at least 200 cm and a width of at least 90 cm.
  • The interior is the space behind the driver's and passenger seats, in which the facilities should be fitted.
  • The interior must contain:
    • at least 2 fixed seats
    • a table
      The table, or its mounting, may be designed in such a fashion as to allow the table to be removed simply.
    • beds for at least 2 persons
      These beds may be created using the seats, but not using the driver's and passenger seats.
    • fixed and lockable storage facilities
    • a fixed kitchen unit with a work surface that is at least 60 cm high, equipped with built-in (removable) water facilities with a sink, a tap and a drain. The facility as a whole must be intended for use inside the vehicle's interior.
    • a fixed built-in cooking unit intended for use inside the vehicle's interior

Please note!

You must be able to access all facilities from the interior in a normal fashion.

Non-standard height

Is the standard production height of the interior not 170 cm, but at least 130 cm? Then you may raise the interior to at least 170 cm over a length of at least 100 cm and a width of at least 90 cm. This may be done using a fixed raised roof or a pop-up roof. This only applies if the camper van also meets the other design requirements.

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