Bpm for delivery vans

If you register a delivery van in the Dutch vehicle registration register, you must file a bpm return and pay bpm. In some cases however, you do not have to.

In the following 2 cases, you do notneed to pay bpm or file a bpm return:

  • The van is older than 5 years.
    In this case, 100% age discount applies.
  • You use the van as an entrepreneur.
    Read more under Entrepreneurs’ scheme.

Please note!

Does your motor vehicle come from another country? Then you do have to file a bpm return.

Reclaiming bpm

Do you have a disability or are you transporting someone with a disability in your van? If so, you can reclaim bpm or ask for a setoff using the Disability scheme.

Buying a used delivery van

If you are buying a van that is less than 5 years old from:

  • an entrepreneur
  • someone with a disability
  • someone who transported a disabled person with the van

Then the previous owner must have paid the bpm.

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