How to receive a Worldwide income return form

We will send you the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form (Worldwide income return, Dutch only) if you need to file a worldwide income return. As of the end of April, we will send you the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen 2021' form.

'Opgaaf wereldinkomen 2021' form and income in box 3

Did you receive the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen 2021' form from us? Find out what you need to do if you have income in box 3 (benefits from savings and investments) (Dutch only).

Have you not received an 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form?

Do you think you need to file a worldwide income return although you have not received a form? Please call the Tax information line for non-resident tax issues.

Also see the page Do I need to file a worldwide income return?

Have you lost your form? Or do you wish to correct a previous return?

Only in these cases should you download a copy of the form:

Please complete and return the copy to us by the deadline stated in the previously filed worldwide income return form or on the worldwide income return you lost. Also see the page How to file a worldwide income return.