How to file a worldwide income return

Use the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form (Worldwide income return, Dutch only). You only need to file a worldwide income return when you receive this form from us. We start sending these forms every year as of the end of April.

Only state your personal worldwide income and deductions

Your worldwide income is made up of your total Dutch and non-resident income. For example, from the income you receive in or from the Netherlands plus your non-Dutch income, such as your income from work or assets abroad.

If you have a partner, they will usually also receive an individual 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form. Your partner needs to only state their own worldwide income and deductions on their worldwide income return form.

Also see the page How to receive the worldwide income return form

You also need to file an income tax return

You cannot use the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form to file an income tax return. Did you receive a message from us stating that you have to file an income tax return? File the return online at Mijn Belastingdienst (only available in Dutch). In addition, file your worldwide income using the worldwide income return form.

How to return the form

The cover page of the 'Opgaaf wereldinkomen' form shows the return address and the date by which we must have received it. There is no need to send attachments.

How to apply for a postponement

You can only request a postponement prior to the date listed on the return form. Send a letter to:

Postbus 2523
6401 DA Heerlen
The Netherlands

If you want to apply for postponement of your income tax return as well, you must apply for this separately.