When you post, hire out or second personnel in or to the Netherlands then the recipient may request you to open a g-account. A g-account is a frozen account that you can use solely to make payroll taxes or VAT payments to us.

The recipient deposits the estimated amount of payroll taxes or VAT payments into your g-account. You can use this amount solely to pay payroll taxes or VAT. Should you fail to make these payments then we will not be able to hold the recipient liable for the amount the recipient has deposited into the g-account.


You and the recipient decide whether you will use a g-account. It is recommended that you reach agreements on the use of a g-account in advance.

How to apply for a g-account?

You can apply for a g-account using the 'Aanvraag g-rekening' form (Application for G-account), only available in Dutch.

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