I have children up to the age of 18

Do you have children up to the age of 18? Then you may be entitled to supplementary child benefit. This is a contribution towards the costs of your children.

Conditions for supplementary child benefit:

  • You have 1 or more children below the age of 18.
  • You receive Dutch child benefit. This is provided by the SVB.
    Or you contribute towards the living expenses of your child.
  • Your (combined) income and capital are not too high.
  • Do you have the nationality of an EU country, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland? Then you do not need a valid residence permit, but you should have a right of residency. We will get this information from your municipality. Please check the IND-website for more information.
  • Are you from another country? If so, you need a valid residence permit that entitles you to benefits. Read more on the IND-website.

Applying for supplementary child benefit

In most cases, we will automatically pay you the supplementary child benefit if you are entitled to it. If you already receive the childcare benefit, rent benefit, or healthcare benefit, we will notify you if you are eligible for the supplementary child benefit as well. You don't have to apply for it yourself.

If you were not notified but think you should have been, you may apply for the benefit yourself via the Mijn toeslagen section.

Submit changes on time

Is there any change in the details used to calculate your benefit, such as your income? In that case, you have to notify us of this change. Information on how to do this can be found under I want to submit a change.

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