I live in a rented house

Do you live in a rented house in the Netherlands? If so, you may be entitled to the rent benefit. This is a contribution towards your rental costs.

Conditions for the rent benefit

These are the conditions for you and your possible benefit partner:

  • You are 18 years of age or older. You rent independent accommodation.
  • You, your possible benefit partner, and co-occupants are registered at your home address in the Netherlands.  
  • Your rent, (combined) income and capital are not too high.
  • You have the nationality of an EU country, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland. Are you from another country? In that case, you need a valid residence permit or work permit.

Applying for benefits yourself

You can apply for the rent benefit yourself. Information about how to do this can be found under I want to apply for a benefit.  

Submit changes on time

Is there any change in the data used to calculate your benefit, for example, if your income or your rent changes? In that case, you have to submit this change to us. Information about how to do this can be found under I want to submit a change.  

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