Checklist emigration: what should I think of?

Are you going to emigrate? Then there is a lot coming your way. With this checklist you can keep an overview.

  • Check your DigiD

    Make sure you can use your DigiD. And do this before you leave the Netherlands:

    If you have already moved abroad, you can only apply for a DigiD through a counter. You can read how this works at I live abroad.

  • Deregister from your municipality and inform us about your change of address

    Deregister from your municipality before you leave the Netherlands. Keep the certificate of deregistration in a safe place, as you will have to submit it to several authorities.

    Register with the municipality outside the Netherlands where you are going to live.

    Give us your new address. If you do not have a new address yet, do inform us about how to get in touch with you. Do you have a contact person? Please also provide us with the address of your contact person.

    Are you already living abroad? If so, please inform us of your new home address by filling in the form Submitting a change of address.

  • Take care of things for your car or other motor vehicle

    Exporting your motor vehicle

    Report your car to the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) for export. This will also stop the registration of your vehicle. Read about the exact procedure on page Exporting a vehicle with a Dutch registration number.

    Is your vehicle already abroad? Then read what you need to do on page Exporting your vehicle that is already abroad.

    Do you export a used passenger car, van or motorbike? If so, you can, subject to certain conditions, obtain a refund of part of the bpm paid. Read how this works on page Refund of bpm if a used motor vehicle is exported.

    Taking your vehicle of the road for a longer period of time

    Don't want to use your car for a while? Then read what to do on page Not using my vehicle for a longer period of time.

    Do you have any more questions? Please call the Tax Information Line Cars.

  • Household effects and Customs

    Moving to another EU country? In general, you can take your household effects with you without any formalities.

    If you move to a non-EU country, please have your personal belongings assessed by Customs. Submit an export declaration of your household effects to Customs. You must also submit an inventory list of the goods you are taking with you. Your mover will help you with this.

    Please keep in mind that some goods may be subject to specific rules.

    Please call the Customs Information Line for any questions you may have.

  • Check your health insurance

    Almost everyone who lives and/or works in the Netherlands is insured for healthcare costs via the Wlz and the Zvw. This will of course remain the case during your holidays abroad.

    But if you are going to live, work or study abroad your personal situation will determine whether you will remain insured in the Netherlands.

    Please, read more about this on Health insurance abroad and Netherlands Worldwide.

  • Check your benefits

    If you receive Dutch housing, rental, childcare or child benefit, please check before you leave if you and your family members are still entitled to these benefits abroad. Your benefits are based on your situation in the Netherlands.

    Please, read more about this topic in I am moving abroad. What are the consequences for my benefits?

  • Cancel your provisional assessment

    Do you receive or pay monthly money through your provisional assessment? Then stop it immediately. Your provisional assessment is based on your situation in the Netherlands. Read how to stop the provisional assessment.

    If you no longer live in the Netherlands, but do have Dutch income, then you are a non-resident taxpayer. Different rules apply to non-resident taxpayers.

  • File a return

    You can file your tax return online for the year of emigration. Read more about this at How do I file my tax return for the year of my emigration or immigration?
  • Protective assessment

    If you move from the Netherlands to another country, you may receive an assessment for future tax to be paid, also known as a protective assessment. Provided you comply with certain conditions, you won’t need to pay this assessment.
  • Your tax liability changes – how does this affect you?

    If you have income from 2 countries, you won’t have to pay tax on this income in both countries. This has been agreed upon in international tax treaties. However, you may have to file a return in both countries.

    If you receive a pension, an annuity, or another benefit from the Netherlands, it may be that you do not have to pay tax on this in the Netherlands. You can request an exemption using the Application for an exemption from wage tax/national insurance contributions deducted at source form.

  • You still own a house in the Netherlands – how does this affect you?

    Please consult the applicable arrangements (Dutch only) if you lived in this house before you emigrated. Also consult Living outside the Netherlands – Dutch income, under 'Box 3 assets'.

    If you temporarily own two houses, for example because your former residence is still for sale, please consult the arrangements on mortgage interest relief (Dutch only).

    If you own a (holiday) home in the Netherlands, you are required to pay income tax, even if you no longer live in the Netherlands.